Operations & Chartering

BRITISH BULKERS objective of Ship Management Operations is to optimize the use of resources compatible with Commercial requirements. Ships' operations are undertaken at the highest levels of professional standards and at the most competitive cost, always ensuring that our ships perform their voyages safely, efficiently and without damage or injury to People, Property or the Environment.

The Company's Operations Department undertakes and provides the following services:

  • Negotiation and conclusion of Charter Parties by utilizing the services of some of the biggest and most reliable Brokerage companies
  • Voyage instructions to the Master and thereafter continuous monitoring
  • Monitoring of charts and publications for ensuring safe voyages
  • Full adoption of ECDIS equipment
  • Bills of Lading analysis and verification
  • Appointment of Surveyors for cargo pre-loading, loading and discharging operations for sensitive cargoes
  • Appointment of Agents, if needed
  • Performance monitoring of the Charter Parties, ensuring the Master's compliance to the Owners' and Charterers' instructions
  • Freight, Hire, Demurrage collection
  • Post Fixture follow-up and support
  • Provision for Bunkers, if needed