Insurance & Claims

Insurance & Protection is an absolutely essential requirement for all Shipowners in minimizing Risk exposure and safeguarding their interests in the case of unforeseen events. The Company may undertake and arrange a full range of Insurance Services and Handling of Claims as follows.

Company's Insurance Services and Handling of Claims:

  • Hull and Machinery cover through Lloyd’s Syndicate Underwriters and other First Class Insurers
  • Protection & Indemnity with Clubs of the International Group, including but not limited to services for: Freight, Demurrage & Defense (FDD) – Crew Insurance – Charterers' Liability – Third Part Liability etc
  • War Risk Covers
  • Kidnap & Ransom for ships transiting the High Risk Piracy areas (full compliance with BMP4)
  • Loss of Hire

Our Operations and Legal Department may fully handle any sort of Claims that may surface at any stage of the ship's operations, i.e.:

  • Cargo Claims
  • Crew Claims
  • Hire Claims
  • Any other Claim directly or indirectly related to the ship's interests

Knowledge and Professional handling is a guarantee towards the Owners for optimal results. Insurance costs represent a sizable proportion of the ships' operating costs. We constantly strive to maintain insurance costs within reasonable levels, however, on the condition that the obtained covers are always through Well Reputable and First Class Insurers.