ISM Code Implementation

ISM Code Implementation

BRITISH BULKERS, being involved in the operation and management of vessels providing worldwide transportation of goods by sea, has recognized the need to apply high standards of Health & Safety/Security, Quality and Environmental Protection on its managed vessels and within the Company's environment.

BRITISH BULKERS, in order to meet the IMO's requirements, has fully incorporated the International Safety Management Code (ISM code) within its Management System.

Our Safety Management System
The system is designed to ensure that the Company's activities are sufficiently controlled to protect Personnel, Property and the Environment from potential risks and hazards that can be reasonably anticipated and has adopted all valid National and International rules and regulations relative to its operations.

The Company has achieved ISM certification both ashore and onboard its vessels from Class NK (IACS member) and is currently holding valid Document of Compliance under the authorization of Liberia and Panama Maritime authority. In British Bulkers, we regard compliance with the requirements of ISM certification not as a mere need, but implement it in true spirit and deed.

Our Philosophy
The Company's philosophy towards the ISM code is that all efforts and actions of shore based professionals and seafarers must be taken on a preventive and proactive basis rather than on a reactive one. We make great efforts, dedicating money and time, to maintain our vessels at the highest possible standards and to improve our Management System by ensuring its effectiveness and efficiency within the Company.

Our Objectives towards Security

  • To provide safeguards for the Security of our crew, property & third parties in order to achieve zero Security breach.
  • Active promotion of Security Awareness and comprehensive familiarization with contingency measures in the event of a security breach.