Company Policy

Company Policy

It is the Company's Policy to promote:

  • Safety and Security at Sea
  • Prevention of Human Injury or Loss of Life
  • Avoidance of damage to the Environment -in particular to the Marine Environment
  • Avoidance of damage to Property

Company's objectives in brief :

  • Safe Practices in ships' Operations & Safe Working Environment
  • Prevention of loss of human life and personal injury
  • Prevention of damage to Ship, Cargo and Marine Environment
  • Risk Assessment of all operations and establishment of appropriate safeguards
  • Continuous improvement of the personnel’s Safety Management skills, ashore and aboard

In order to achieve the above and successfully implement its "Safety & Environmental Protection Policy", the Company has developed, implements and maintains a SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (SMS) in accordance and in full compliance with IMO's ISM Code. The Company's SMS ensures compliance with all Rules and Regulations, which include:

  • STCW
  • ILO

Plus all other Guidelines, Codes, Circulars and Standards applied or recommended by the IMO, Flag State Administrations, Classification Societies and local Authorities.