Maritime Labor Convention Implementation

Maritime Labor Convention Implementation

BRITISH BULKERS, in order to meet the ILO's requirements, has fully incorporated the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC 2006) within its Management System.

The Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance that our company has successfully established is duly approved by the relevant Flag Authorities. As a result the company has already achieved MLC certification onboard its managed vessels.

Our philosophy
The Company's philosophy towards the MLC is that all efforts and actions should be implemented so that the highest living and safety working standards for the personnel onboard are being achieved. The main pillar of our Company's philosophy is based on the fact that the crew onboard our Company's vessels is being considered as one of the most integral parts of our management team. In this direction, the Company's management implemented the majority of MLC requirements since our Company's establishment and before their adoption by the ILO.

Our Objective towards implementation of the MLC

  • Zero level of accident for our seafarers
  • Fair Seafarers Employment Agreements for all our personnel based on POEA Terms and Conditions
  • Promotion of the culture of working in a safe & healthy environment
  • To facilitate high standards of working and living conditions for the personnel onboard, through the implementation of such measures, so that the effectiveness and efficiency of work may be easily achieved
  • A re-employment list of highly qualified seafarers is maintained, this fact leads to a remarkably improved management onboard the vessel with seafarers duly familiar with our vessels and Company's policies