Environmental Protection Responsibility

Environmental Protection Responsibility

BRITISH BULKERS is committed and dedicated to protecting the Environment and more specifically the Marine Environment, wherein we are all living.

Being a global citizen, we are fully aware of our Environmental responsibilities and realize the danger emerging from our business by taking suitable preventive actions to eliminate chances of pollution:

  • We are maintaining at the highest standards the ships' Hull, Machinery and Equipment by conducting frequent Inspections to ensure that they are in excellent condition at all times.
  • We use environmentally friendly methods for clean Ballast Water Exchange Management, carefully discharging to shore reception facilities, sludges from ships' tanks and controlling the disposal of waste with great care.
  • Further, we make certain to consume high quality fuels for minimizing emissions, to use environmentally friendly paints and to avoid any ozone depleting substances, such as, toxic refrigerants.

OUR COMPANY’S ENVIRONMENTAL PHILOSOPHY: “Not even a single drop of oil into the sea.”

Our Benefits
The results of the high standards of Safety, Security and Quality that we provide are well recognized by the Shipping Industry and generate repeat business. Our culture reflects favorably in the Port State Control statistics which allow us to provide an efficient worldwide service.